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Best of iTunes 2014 Award

Selected by the UK AND IRELAND iTunes Editorial team as some of the best new content added to iTunes in 2014.
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The Guardiandian – English Daily Newspaper

The internet, eh? Obviously, it’s proved handy in many ways but it’s spawned any number of irritating new trends, too. In these cheerily contemptuous C4 shorts, Irish wits Peter and Chris take on all manner of online bugbears, from fake social experiment videos on YouTube to swift, opportunistic obituaries of recently dead celebs on social media. Slight but likable.

The Herald – Irish Daily Newspaper

Cracked’ Chris and Ciara make impression at 2fmRADIO presenters Chris Greene and Ciara King have been making quite an impression in past few months as the latest additions to the new 2FM line-up.

The Irish Times – Irish National Newspaper

It’s presented by Chris Greene and Ciara King, who worked alongside each other at iRadio for the past five years, and it’s brilliant. The other evening, I sat on my couch for over two hours just listening to their show – doing nothing else but listening to the radio. When was the last time you did that? Their chemistry is fantastic,their references and asides are brilliant, their indignant outsiderness is hilarious. It’s irreverent and relevant. I laughed and laughed. This is a real gem. And if I was someone making decisions in Today FM or 104 or Spin, I’d be angling to poach it.